Leadership Team

The practical and spiritual oversight of One Life is carried out through the Leadership Team, who meet on a regular basis to harmonise our thoughts and plan for ministry.

                                 Moses       Jeff      Martin     Nigel       Brett

Nigel Harding is our senior pastor, who leads the team, and whose main gifts are in church leadership, Bible teaching, leadership development, administration, writing, and church planting. He is married to Kathy and has one adult daughter, and one teenage son.

Martin Muchoki is our Associate Pastor, whose areas of responsibility include discipleship, outreach, Bible teaching, and the development of team ministries. He is married to Victoria, and has four children.

Moses Engwau is an elder, who leads the Business Development Center in Uganda, which seeks to impact the business community with entrepreneurial training, capital funding, and incubation of start-ups. He is married to Daphne, and has two children.

Jeff Otiti is an elder, a medical doctor and surgeon, who specialises in Ear, Nose, and Throat conditions, and cancer treatment. He is married to Ary, and has two children.

Brett Scudder is an elder, and a missionary pastor, who trains church leaders, conducts leadership conferences, and hosts teaching teams. He is married to Bobbie, and has two teenage children.