Nigel HardingSenior Pastor

Nigel and Kathy Harding have been married for 30 years and have served as missionaries in Uganda since 2002. They live in Kampala with their son, Emmanuel, while their adult daughter, Abigail, lives in the UK.

Before becoming pastor of One life, Nigel had been ministering through strategic partnerships with indigenous leaders of Church planting networks in Uganda. He is a passionate preacher,  Bible teacher, and leader.  Nigel continues to represent their sending mission agency, Missionary Ventures International.

Before coming to Uganda in 2002, Nigel had seven years experience on the leadership team of their sending church, Oasis Church, Feltham, which included being an elder, worship leader, preacher, youth team leader, and eventually an associate pastor. They were serving members of this church in various other capacities over a period of fifteen years, including being a member of the set-up team,  the prayer team co-ordinator, and a home group leader.  This church was also a church plant, and in the early years they gained much experience that strengthens NIgel’s strategic thinking today.

Nigel worked for over eleven years in administration, for a large firm of chartered accountants in central London, and became well acquainted with the London transport system. He is a graduate of the London School of Theology, with a BA (hons) in Theology, and has an MA in African Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, where he specialised in the study of African Christianity.

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