Why I like One Life …

“We wanted a church where the Pastor preached God’s word and not his own; a church where we could get to know some people and grow with them; a church where our children would be nurtured spiritually. We found all that in One Life Church. We love our church!”  Ary

“What I like most about One Life Church is the fun in the children’s church.”  Anna

“What I like about One Life Church is the authenticity of God’s Word coming through the sermons each Sunday.”  Angelina

“One Life Church gives me a practical sense of belonging, and a practical gospel.”  Brian

“It’s family!”  Kathy

“I value being part of the One Life Church family, where I am known and accepted. The teaching is faithful to Scripture, and has a good balance of contextual understanding with practical application. My kids enjoy the children’s church and I am so glad that we have an outward focus on social justice and outreach, as well as our inward personal walk.”  Samantha Musoke, finance professional

The thing about One Life Church, is that I experience close fellowship with believers from all aspects of the business community.”  Moses Engwau, Director, Business Development Center, Uganda

“The thing about One Life is that it is a church that teaches the Word of God and I love that I get challenged to learn more and grow in the Spirit. I also love that One Life is a family church – you can see so many families and children.”  Collins

“One Life Church is the one for me because it brings to life the concepts of fellowship and family … I’m continually challenged to be a Christian in my every thought, word and deed, and not just on Sundays.”  Rosette Nuwamanya

“What I like about One Life is that it is a multi-cultural community; seeking God together through authentic community, strong biblical teaching, and a desire to live life in Kampala, on mission together.”  Jeff, structural engineer