Giving to God in the local church is a biblical principal upheld at One Life. We consider it to be an important expression of our worship. We give of our substance as a spiritual act of worship, to the God who gives so much to us.

There are various ways you can give at One Life, and we are working on extending our options to include mobile money in the near future.  In the meantime, our banking options are as follows:

Bank: Housing Finance Bank

Account Name: One Life International

Branch: Kololo

Account Numbers:
11 000 64179 Uganda Shillings
11 000 64189 US Dollar

ALL transactions, including cheques and standing orders, are to be completed in the account name above. Please do not use any other name, as it will delay the transaction considerably.

We welcome gifts in US Dollars, as we do make some payments in the same currency.  For international transfers, you can download the SWIFT details here.

May you truly be blessed for your faithful and generous giving.

Biblically speaking, there is a strong case for giving to the church, both through tithing and sacrificial offerings. If you want to hear more, listen to some of our teaching on the subject of giving. Practically speaking, this Church, like any other humanly-operated organization, cannot function effectively without the financial support of its members.

We do have a system of accountability to our members, through various checks and balances, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Professionally trained people handling and monitoring our finances;
  • Dual signatures on all withdrawals and fund transfers;
  • Budgeting for ministry according to our projected capabilities;
  • Board approval of the annual budget;
  • Detailed quarterly reporting of financial activity to the Board;
  • A reserve fund policy;
  • Financial policies and procedures to guide our practices;
  • Periodic presentations and updates to the congregation;
  • A full annual audit, with published accounts;
  • Reporting our income and expenditure to the Church at our Annual Review (AGM).